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Recognizing Talent From Within: Eladio Villalobos

Posted by Crystal Lague



How long have you been in the printing industry?

                At West High School in Denver they offered a printing class. They taught us camera work, how to cut paper and how to run the school newspaper on a press. I have been a pressman ever since, but I have also done some prepress, bindery and cutting. I worked for three printing companies for a combination of over 30 years before I came to Vision Graphics/Eagle:xm. I’m hoping this is it for me. I am going on four years here in June.

                I enjoy working here. It’s different. I like that we do a variety of things here. It’s not just printing; we have bindery, mailing, fulfillment, an excellent customer service staff, and the database analytics.

Since you started in the printing industry how has technology changed the way that you operate a press?

                When I first started it was all manual, now a lot of it is digital and a lot less hands on. I used to have to get the ink water balance for example. That is automated now. Operating the Indigo involves using hardware and software together, so I have to be able to do both. I do color adjusts throughout the day. There are inline scanners, which read the color to ensure that the machine is stable and the colors are consistent.

                I have run a 2000 Indigo, a 5000 Indigo, a 5500 and now the 7500. This one is really stable. It runs faster than the older machines. The 7500 is the best one when you are talking about maintenance, breakdowns, and print quality.

What kind of products do you print on the Indigo?

                Everything, I print business cards, letterheads, magazines, posters, books and lots of other material. The Indigo allows you to make every sheet different, so you can utilize variable data. It has a rewritable plate. The offset press has static plates. Both presses are valuable, it just depends on the circumstances. For example, I can print a unique name or address on every single piece.


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