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The Closer: 5 ways sales can leverage content marketing to seal deals

Posted by Crystal Lague






5 ways sales can leverage content marketing to seal deals

Listen up – you can close all those leads your marketing team generates. The answer is arming your sales reps with the tools (content marketing) they need to do more than just sell. Here are five challenges that keep deals from closing and the tips for fixing them:

1. Sales reps must be viewed as thought leaders

Potential customers don't want to talk with sales reps about products; they want to talk with them about solutions. If your sales team can communicate valuable content with prospects, buyers would be more willing to engage with them.

Try this: Provide your sales team with an infographic and ask them to write a 200-word introduction. Have them publish it through their LinkedIn account.


2. Sales reps must build a relationship digitally

Inside sales teams are growing and field sales teams are shrinking. As face-to-face opportunities decline, so do opportunities to build personal relationships. To do so, your sales reps need thought-leadership content to solve problems, not sales collateral.

Try this: When you write a new article, share it with your sales reps with a bullet-point list of reasons why a prospect would find the article beneficial.


3. Sales reps must stay top-of-mind between long touch points

If your prospect has to budget for your solution, your sales reps don’t have enough touch points to stay top-of-mind. That means they seek excuses to engage with their leads, which puts your product or service on the back burner.

Try this: When you publish a report, study or other content, share it with your sales reps so they immediately can share it with their prospects.


4. Sales reps must help prospects sell internally

Sales reps rely heavily on influencers to champion a product. These champions understand the problem and how to fix it. Your sales reps can provide the prospect champions with tools, i.e., content, to educate them on this solution.

Try this: Provide helpful content that tells the story of how your company solves prospects’ problems. Infographics are highly digestible.


5. Sales reps must understand their prospect’s world

It feels frustrating to hand over qualified, sales-ready leads, and not have them come to fruition. If you have crafted well-developed content, your sales reps can use it to speak their prospects’ language.

Try this: Join the weekly sales meeting to share your most recent content. Ask your sales reps to share how they used previous content, which will help gauge what can be done to close deals.

Source: Content Marketing Institute and Alex Lopes, CEO, Sharebird – For more information, visit www.contentmarketinginstitute.com


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