Triggered Communications Delivers U.S. Olympic Committee Organization New Memberships

the challenge

One of the four U.S. Olympic Committee subsidiary organizations with varied and complex membership cycles was seeking help with its membership renewal effort. Facing challenges in membership attrition and increasing costs related to its highly complex renewal system, the Committee turned to us.

the solution

Being able to bring both in-house creative and technology teams to the table; our team was able to look at the client’s unique challenge from a 360-degree view and help them understand how to use their data to improve targeting, timing and messaging relevance.

By using customer insights and our print-on-demand variable data technology we redesigned the renewal package to communicate with members on a more personal level by including the recipient’s age, subsidiary organization, calculated amount of recipient’s renewal fee, and calculated gift ask amount. In addition, we designed a triggered communications program to automatically send timed renewal reminders to non-responders.


Reduced postage costs by 30% or $14,000 annually.

Reduced the number of membership renewal forms from 3 to 1, lowering production costs by 25%.

Raised average donation by 12% at time of renewal.